Almond, Darren: Terminus

Arnolds, Thomas

Brown, Glenn: Dessins

Butzer, André

Demester, Jérémy: Fire Walk With Me

Dienst, Rolf-Gunter: Frühe Bilder und Gouachen

Ecker, Bogomir: You’re Never Alone

Förg, Günther

Galerie Max Hetzler: Remember Everything

Galerie Max Hetzler: 1994–2003

Hains, Raymond

Hains, Raymond: Venice

Hatoum, Mona (Kunstmuseum
St. Gallen)

Eric Hattan Works. Werke Œuvres 1979–2015

Hattan, Eric: Niemand ist mehr da

Herrera, Arturo: Series

Herrera, Arturo: Boy and Dwarf

Hilliard, John: Accident and Design

Holyhead, Robert

Horn, Rebecca / Hayden Chisholm: Music for Rebecca Horn's installations

Kahrs, Johannes: Down ’n out

Koons, Jeff

Kowski, Uwe: Paintings and Watercolors

La mia ceramica

Larner, Liz

Mahn, Inge


Mosebach, Martin / Rebecca Horn: Das Lamm (The Lamb)

Neto, Ernesto: From Sebastian to Olivia

Niemann, Christoph

Oehlen, Albert: Interieurs

Oehlen, Albert: Mirror Paintings

Oehlen, Albert: Luckenwalde

Oehlen, Albert | Schnabel, Julian

Phillips, Richard: Early Works on Paper

Prince, Richard: Super Group

Riley, Bridget: Measure for Measure. New Disc Paintings

Riley, Bridget: The Stripe Paintings 1961–2012

Riley, Bridget: Paintings and Related Works 1983–2010

Sammlung im Wandel: Die Sammlung Rudolf und Ute Scharpff

Smith, Josh: Abstraction

Tunga: Laminated Souls

de Waal, Edmund: Irrkunst

Warren, Rebecca

Wool, Christopher (2017)

Wool, Christopher: Road

Wool, Christopher: Westtexaspsychosculpture

Wool, Christopher: Yard

Zhang Wei


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Christopher Wool

Softcover with dust jacket
22 x 28 cm
56 pages
26 color and 10 b/w illustrations
30.00 Euro


Leaf through the book


Each new Christopher Wool exhibition digs deeper into methods established and questions raised by his work. His approach revolves around repetition, erasure, and layering, focusing on essential elements like form, line, and color. Motifs are varied or earlier works reused, printed, and overpainted again. Wool shapes and reshapes the form almost like a sculptor kneading clay. As a subtle gesture, a small sculpture stands as the centerpiece of this 2017 exhibition at Galerie Max Hetzler in Berlin, made from pigmented concrete as a barely shaped torso. Around it, Wool presents works on paper and large-sized paintings: a portfolio of lithographs titled Portraits (red), whose central reddish mass is laid out flat in Ben-Day dots; another lithograph series titled a.k.a. that uses lettering within lines as a means of composition; small silkscreen prints heavily overpainted with rough brushstrokes; and huge canvases in rich shades of black that congeal into forms from the artist’s early Rorschach series. The book presents images of all works along with black-and-white installation views photographed by the artist himself. It is wrapped in a dust jacket that unfolded reveals a poster designed by Wool specifically for the exhibition.

Galerie Max Hetzler Berlin | Paris, distributed by Holzwarth Publications